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Natural Language Processing

Spring 2023


Jan 20 ·
  • Lectures: Mon/Weds 1pm–2:30pm
  • GSI Office Hours: Mon/Weds 12pm-1pm
  • Professor Office Hours: TBD
  • This schedule is tentative, as are all assignment release dates and deadlines.


Jan 23
Intro (1up) (6up)
Jan 25
Language Modeling (1up) (6up)
Jan 30
Language Modeling
Feb 1
Machine Translation (1up) (6up)
Feb 6
Machine Translation (HW1 Due)
Feb 8
Parsing (HW2 Released)
Feb 13
Parsing (1up) (6up)
Feb 15
Feb 20
No Class, Academic Holiday
Feb 22
Neural Parsing (1up) (6up) (HW2 Due, HW3 Released)
Feb 27
Speech (1up) (6up)
March 1
March 6
Semantics (1up) (6up)
March 8
Pragmatics (HW3 Due)
March 13
Transformer LMs (HW4 Released) (1up) (6up)
March 15
Language Models at Scale (1up) (6up)
March 20
Data (1up) (6up)
March 22
Systems (1up) (6up)

Spring Break

April 3
Misuse, Risks, Harms (1up) (6up)
April 5
Adaptation (HW4 Due) (1up) (6up)
April 10
RLHF / Instruction-tuning (HW5 Released) (1up) (6up)
April 12
Vision and Language (1up) (6up)
April 17
Retrieval / Knowledge-Intensive Tasks (1up) (6up)
April 19
Multilingual Modeling (1up) (6up)
April 24
Efficiency and Novel Architectures (1up) (6up)
April 26
Future of NLP Panel Discussion (HW5 Due)