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Natural Language Processing

Fall 2023


Aug 11 ·
  • Lectures: Tues/Thurs 11am–12:30pm
  • GSI Office Hours: 4-5pm Wednesday and 9:30-10:30am Friday, on Zoom (see Edstem for link)
  • Professor Office Hours: 12:30-1pm after lecture, in the courtyard outside Morgan 101
  • Edstem link (only accessible to Berkeley accounts): – contains links to bCourses, Gradescope, Kaggle, etc.
  • This schedule is tentative, as are all assignment release dates and deadlines.


August 24
Project 1 released
August 29
Language modeling Statistical models
August 31
Language modeling Representation learning and early neural models
Sept 5
Language modeling Neural models
Sept 7
Language modeling Recurrence
Project 2 released
Project 1 due EOD Monday, September 11
Sept 12
Language modeling Machine translation: neural approaches
New enrollments are processed
Sept 14
Language modeling Machine translation: neural approaches pt.2
Sept 19
Language modeling Transformers
Sept 21
Core NLP tasks, data, and evaluation
Sept 26
Panel: philosophy of evaluation and data
Sept 28
Structured prediction Syntactic parsing
Project 2 due EOD
Project 3 released
Oct 3
Structured prediction Syntactic parsing
Oct 5
Structured prediction Compositional semantics
Oct 10
Structured prediction Language to other structured representations
Oct 12
LLMs Data + pretraining
Oct 17
LLMs Architectures
Oct 19
LLMs Compute + scaling + efficiency
Project 3 due EOD
Project 4 released
Oct 24
LLMs Adaptation + RLHF
Oct 26
Beyond text Speech
Oct 31
Beyond text Speech
Nov 2
Beyond text Pragmatics
Nov 7
Beyond text Vision and language
Nov 9
Beyond text Embodied interactive agents
Project 4 due EOD
Project 5 released
Nov 14
Panel: misuse / risk / harm in building language technologies
Nov 16
Panel: misuse / risk / harm in deploying language technologies
Nov 21
Panel: limitations of current systems
Nov 23
Nov 28
Panel: NLP beyond English and text
Nov 30
Panel: future of NLP
Project 5 due EOD