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Natural Language Processing

Fall 2023


Aug 11 ·
  • Lectures: Tues/Thurs 11am–12:30pm
  • GSI Office Hours: 4-5pm Wednesday and 9:30-10:30am Friday, on Zoom (see Edstem for link)
  • Professor Office Hours: 12:30-1pm after lecture, in the courtyard outside Morgan 101
  • Edstem link (only accessible to Berkeley accounts): – contains links to bCourses, Gradescope, Kaggle, etc.
  • This schedule is tentative, as are all assignment release dates and deadlines.


August 24
Project 1 released
August 29
Language modeling Statistical models
August 31
Language modeling Representation learning and early neural models
Sept 5
Language modeling Neural models
Sept 7
Language modeling Recurrence
Project 2 released
Project 1 due EOD Monday, September 11
Sept 12
Language modeling Machine translation: neural approaches
New enrollments are processed
Sept 14
Language modeling Machine translation: neural approaches pt.2
Sept 19
Language modeling Transformers
Sept 21
Core NLP tasks, data, and evaluation
Sept 26
Panel: philosophy of evaluation and data
Sept 28
Structured prediction Syntactic parsing
Project 2 due EOD
Project 3 released
Oct 3
Structured prediction Syntactic parsing
Oct 5
Structured prediction Compositional semantics
Oct 10
Structured prediction Language to other structured representations
Oct 12
LLMs LM recap, LLM architectures, inference, training objectives
Oct 17
LLMs Training, data, evaluation
Oct 19
LLMs Adaptation: RLHF, instruction-tuning, etc.
Project 3 due EOD
Project 4 released
Oct 24
LLMs RLHF, scaling and efficiency, impacts
Oct 26
Panel: considerations in building/deploying LLMs (risks, harms, misuse)
Oct 31
Beyond text Speech
Nov 2
Beyond text Speech
Nov 7
Beyond text Pragmatics
Nov 9
Beyond text Vision and language
Project 4 due EOD
Project 5 released
Nov 14
Beyond text Embodied interactive agents
Nov 16
Panel: NLP beyond text (speech vision, embodiment)
Nov 21
Panel: NLP beyond English REMOTE ONLY
Nov 23
Nov 28
Panel: limitations
Nov 30
Panel: future of NLP
Project 5 due EOD